AUGUST 4, 2020 Docket Call


On Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 1:00 PM, CDT, in the Chancery Courtroom in Winchester, Tennessee, Chancellor Melissa Blevins-Willis will sound the docket for Chancery Court.


AUG 4- Docket Callfranklincountychancerycourt.files.wordpress.com/

Chancellor requests that you make every effort to attend docket call or you may PRE-SET your cases by agreement.

If you cannot be present at the docket call, please PRE-SET your cases or have another attorney present to set your cases.

If you wish to PRE-set a case before Docket Call, please furnish us with an Agreed Order and Request to Docket as to the date and include therein an estimate of time it will require for the hearing.

If you see any case listed that should already be closed OR if you don’t see a case that should be included please contact my office BEFORE docket call so we can make any necessary corrections

Thank you,
Tappy Bailey