About Chancery Court

440 George Fraley Parkway Box 4, Winchester, TN 37398
Phone: (931) 967-2843    Fax: (931) 968-2425

Email:   chancerycourt@franklincotn.us

Franklin County Chancery Court is in the 12th Judicial District which consists of six counties: Franklin, Marion, Grundy, Bledsoe, Rhea, and Sequatchie. The Chancellor for our Judicial District is Melissa Thomas Willis.

Chancery Court is a Court of equity, having concurrent jurisdiction with Circuit Court in actions such as divorces and civil cases, excluding unliquidated damages. Jury trials are not a common occurrence in Chancery Court, but are conducted when demanded. We also collect delinquent property taxes and conduct delinquent tax sales.

The Clerk and Master and Deputy Clerks in Chancery Court strive to assist the legal community and the general public in a courteous, timely, and efficient manner. By law Clerks are not allowed to give legal advice regarding specific circumstances, but will do their best to generally explain the court process and procedures.

On this website you will find Pre-Trial Requirements specific to practicing in the 12th Judicial District Chancery Courts. You will also be able to access information regarding Franklin County Docket Call Dates; Daily Court Dockets; Forms;  Directions to our Judicial Center, and information relating to security and dress code.

The information provided on this web-site should answer most questions you have regarding Chancery Court.  If  you do not find the information you are searching for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tappy Bailey, Clerk & Master

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